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Entry #2

Da World Of Xepher and Others

2009-04-26 01:42:21 by XepherTheHedgehog

Join Today! But first you have to take a curtain test to be able to join.

1: What is Your Hedgehog, Fox, Edchidna's name?

2: what are your abilitys

3: and finally what is your gender

Send me those answers in a P.M.
Also let me tell ya a couple of rules

1: no porn,nudity or any nasty stuff

2: Be Funny

3: No n00bs alowd



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2009-04-26 02:15:18

3: No n00bs alowd

Ironic. VERY Ironic.


2009-04-26 02:21:55

muffins are nice


2009-04-27 01:57:00

My eyes!


2009-05-22 08:44:30

well..here we go

1. Sonic the hedgehog/Miles "Tails" Prower/Knuckles the Edchidna
2.Sonic can run very fast/Tails can fly very high and very wide/Knuckles is very,very strong
3.Im 15